Yankees fan mathetician twists math in his favor

So some mathematician is predicting the Yankees will win 110 games this year. I was skeptical about this seeing as the Yankees are led by a totem pole of a manager, Yankee players always play scared, and half their team is injury-prone. I stopped reading the article when it mentioned the mathematician is from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Damn Yankee fans. You can twist any sort of stat to make a point. I bet there’s a mathematician in Kansas City that can prove that the Royals will win 110 games this year. Actually, some things are beyond math.

image courtesy of Dudley Chateau. It’s a bad photoshop job, but still funny.

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16 years ago

The AL East seems kinda iffy to me. After 50 games it will be apparent as to whether or not the Blue Jays or Red Sox can put some losses to the Yankees. I’m kinda hoping that one of the other teams in that division plays good enough to make September interesting (as opposed to the Yankees cruising into the playoffs like everyone assumes they will.)