world’s largest Tiffany dome

Hey, hey, did you know that the world’s largest Tiffany dome is in my favorite place in Chicago? The Chicago Cultural Center. I didn’t know it was the world’s largest. It’s 38 feet in diameter and covers more than 1,000 square feet. It’s a beauty. Check it out some time. While you’re there, be sure to check out the art galleries on various floors of the building. There’s always something interesting at the Cultural Center. I’ve given props to the Cultural Center before and again.

Full story on the dome here.

The Dome won a preservation award. At this link there’s a photo of the folks involved. It’s a curious photo because the people on the left look like giants compared to the people on the right.

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Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

Having recently seen firsthand the domes in St. Pauls Cathedral (London), St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican), and The Pantheon (Rome)… I now want to visit the CCC and witness this dome in person as well.

Looks beautiful in the pictures, and I’m sure the natural light coming through adds to the visual appeal of the dome. I’m intrigued!!!