workspaces of artists and designers

Here’s a site that’s dedicated to showing photos of designers’ and artists’ workspaces. None of the photos are incredibly exciting. Perhaps that’s the beauty of the site.

I like the photos where they labeled stuff. Those crazy designers. ***waving hands in air***

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Matt Maldre
17 years ago

That desk has to be the most unergonomic desk evar. A chair for a child. The keyboard is at an angle. Or maybe he just uses it on his lap. The monitor is on an angle. One would have to be a contortionist to use this desk on a regular basis.

Say moose, I do not understand your waving of hands in air. Are you waving your hands as to say, “i’m a designer too! look at me!”? Or are you intending more of a finger waving in the air. Or maybe you are trying to convey a “shrugging shoulders.*

17 years ago

How about a photo of YOUR workspace, moose?