wooden camera

Olympus is developing a camera with a wooden shell.

It is cypress wood compressed 2.5x its gravity weight (approximately 0.4
0.5 to more than 1) which makes it stronger than the ABS and polycarbonate resin-based plastics used on most camera cases!

I was never a fan of Olympus cameras. Their designs are clunky, bloated, cartoon-like, and overdesigned. The only exception was the 1995 Olympus Stylus epic. THAT was a great camera, but I’ll save that for another time.

I love the idea of using a wood case for a camera, however, this particular example is overdone. The overall shape is too exagerrated. The piece of plastic on the front of the camera is completely unnecessary. The LCD on reverse fights with the curved shape of the case. It’s just plain fugly.

I’d like to see Canon make a wooden case. Now that would become an instant design classic. Can you imagine the Canon Elph series in a wooden case? Oh man! They’d sell like hotcakes! Though I’m most curious to see what Nikon would come up with. They have developed some crazy-cool cameras in their time.

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Laura K. "skew"
Laura K. "skew"
17 years ago

just don’t use it while smoking, or near campfires.


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