wiffle ball moon

Based on my minimal research, I was shocked to find no wiffle ball moon images on the internet. I am happy to share my rendition of the wiffle ball moon. Enjoy.

Prior to this project, I always thought wiffle ball was spelled “whiffle ball”. So I also welcome anyone visiting this post who is searching for whiffle ball moon images.

There also is a nice full sky image of the wiffle ball moon on my flickr.

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Matt Maldre
12 years ago

I always thought it was spelled “whiffle ball” too. Until a few years ago when I was googling it.

A whiffle ball moon. Does that mean the moon is actually a wiffle ball? Did someone hit a wiffle ball so far, that it ended up in orbit around the Earth? Is that the origin of the moon?

Scientists, you can stop your research now. Erik has discovered the true origin of the moon. It’s a wiffle ball.