who wants to be a weatherman?

I was looking up jobs and somehow I came across a job posting for an On-Air Meteorologist (WGN-TV CLTV). Could I be a weatherman? Maybe not after reading the job requirements.

Purpose: Responsible for the preparation and presentation of the weather segments and associated computer weather graphics for broadcast on CLTV and WGN-TV. Must be able to handle multiple segments each hour according to the CLTV format. Must be able to provide live, breaking news coverage as weather events dictate.

Degree in meteorology or equivalent related military or work experience required. AMS and/or NWA Seal of Approval preferred. Solid knowledge of state of the art graphics systems essential. Working knowledge of WSI Graphics system preferred. Thorough working knowledge of all numerical forecast guidance material distributed from the National Weather Service and other global meteorological agencies.

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