who does Obama remind you of?

Reverend Eugene Rivers summed it up well yesterday on MSNBC:

“What’s remarkable to me as i listen to the (acceptance) speech, there were two historical figures that came to mind. Number one I thought of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, because Roosevelt was a cool operator. And Obama’s got a whole nother kind of cool. So you got the cool on the one hand that’s very contemplative and deliverative.

Then he had that high melodic poetry with that preacher rhythm going. So you got this amazing synthesis of FDR and Martin Luther King with a little hip hop on it. Very smooth.”

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15 years ago

There’s a great book about the FDR years in the White House, if you’re interested. It’s called No Ordinary Time and it won the Pulitzer Prize. He WAS a cool guy, very complex and a lot of intelligence and energy.