White Sox and World Baseball Classic

So what’s up with the Chicago White Sox sending only 4 players to the World Baseball Classic? That’s the second fewest in the Majors. I can cut Milwaukee some slack for sending only 3 players. C’mon. It’s the Brewers we’re talking about. The White Sox are World Champs. They need to represent. Instead, they are being a bunch of egotisical cry babies. It’s amazing how much of an ego this team has developed since they won the World Series. Ozzie Guillen thinks he’s the mayor of the city and runs his mouth off every chance he gets. Kenny Williams goes on an insane f-bomb session in front of the media. And now they’re sending only 4 players to the World Baseball Classic.

I can’t wait to see the Sox finish third this season. We’ll see how much everyone loves Ozzie Guillen then.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

Maybe America just has some sort of thing with World Sports. I heard many people cripe about the Winte Olympics this year–that they sucked. (I actually quite enjoyed them). There’s something about America being pessimistic.

Or maybe America just doesn’t care about the World. We don’t care for World Cup soccer at all. And the rest of the world gets totally entralled by it.

So maybe the rest of the world might find the Baseball World Classic to be very entertaining.

Mark R
Mark R
18 years ago

I always have a problem with players/athletes coming to the U.S. to train and play, but then going back to whatever country they were from to compete in events like this (Olympics included).

Seems wrong that they are able to come here to take advantage of our training facilities/coachers and make tons of money, but feel no obligation to play for the country that afforded them these incredible opportunities.