where to buy Stay Puft marshmallows

Ghostbuster fans,

You now may purchase Stay Puft Marshmallows. They are officially called “Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows”. They go for $20 a box. Gourmet indeed AND on my Amazon Wish List.

* Delicious gourmet marshmallows – loaded up with a boost of caffeine.
* Licensed Ghostbusters product.
* Box is rubbery with a marshmallow feel, for fun after you eat all the mallows.
* 24 square-ish mallows per box.
* Net Wt.: 6.25 oz
* Box Dimensions: 7″ x 4″ x 2.5″

And here’s a man who enjoys Stay Puft Marshmallows.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

They are now officially on my WishList as well