what is the vacuum saying?

I was vacuuming my keyboard with a text editting program open. Here’s what the vacuum was saying:

+-/*//~+98.0607.8760870\=]-{=pol98nu7n n6y y6b gv fccdsza1q1aq
z4rff drv4 rtbthyn6 uj7mku,8 i.lo90. op0;. -=]

==]8ILI7UJ6Y5HY6U YIU,8K UJYY UYI,8KI UY YUIO POI UY UIOP09800-=0[- B YB5BTG GVT5G GV4T55VB RGFE78UJ657898I7UJ6YH5567890-=-098667890-=0-09876Y6Y7890-=0/.N6 M,KMJYHB BTNYMU,II.OP

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I think the message was lost in translation. The only message I’ve ever heard from a vacuum cleaner is WWWHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Matt Maldre
18 years ago

Pound your head on your keyboard to see what your head says. Here’s what my head is saying: yh hju

That was three pounds on the keyboard. These apple keyboards are suprising comfortable and soft.

Mark R
Mark R
18 years ago

I’m sure there is a vacuum translator program out there on the web. Once you find that, you can decipher what the vacuum was trying to tell you.

I hope it wasn’t urgent… maybe somebody’s in trouble or stuck in a well. Something like that