we need more creativity, not less

Recently Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune photographer, posted a photo of city workers painting dead trees. I praise truly creative endeavors sponsored by our government. We need more such activity.

Below is the comment I left on his post:

Our nation’s economic woes pale in comparison to our nation’s lack of culture. Creative efforts are like fertilizer for our nation’s soil. Without, we just crumble and die and complain about using taxpayer money for something more “important”.

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14 years ago

I see your point about needing to pay for art. Another point is that schools are cutting teachers and having classrooms that are 35 or more students because of budget concerns and we are paying some guy to paint a tree. On the other hand, we probably would be paying this guy to sit and sleep so the net result is we get pretty trees at the same price. The problem is some departments have these big budgets and have to determine a way to use the money or they have lower budgets. Thus we have 700 dollar toilets and… Read more »