way to add quality to your marketing product

Today Amazon announced Amazon Coins. This is quite a clever piece of marketing. As I visited amazon.com to research Pietro Cavallini the large presence of gold coins on their homepage announcing this service was striking.

Want a clever way to enhance your product? Have its core imagery based on gold coins. Certainly the desire for gold dates back thousands of years. Just look at the skyrocketing value of gold in the past 10 years (it has tripled since 2006) to further compound gold’s value right here, right now.

I looked at amazon’s ad and instinctively thought, “I want that coin. Give me that coin.”

It is rather comical how the ad features a giant gold coin, then there’s a big pile of gold coins behind it mixed with amazon app icons. Boy, those apps must be as good as gold! And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a pile of gold coins behind a page curl at the bottom right implying the entire page is FULL OF GOLD!

Please note, I receive zero dollars from amazon for this blog post.