visual periodic table

Interesting interactive poster of the periodic table. It shows examples rather than the big 2+ letter abbreviation of the respective element. Click on an element and it gives a witty, little description. You can buy it as a poster, too. Prices range from $20 for a 6-pack of 10″x20″ to $45 for 27″x53″. Note to family members: I do not want this poster for Christmas. I just think it’s interesting to view online. thank you. has a nice interactive periodic table as well. This one is a little more straight forward.

In fact, you can even buy the periodic table in its actual form!
From their site:
The Element Collection is a beautifully boxed set containing real
samples of all 92 naturally occurring elements. The elements are
safely sealed in individual specimen tubes which can be removed
from the box for close observation.

$917.40 for the “Basic” set
$1689.94 for the “Deluxe” set (more pure elements, less compounds than Basic set)

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Mark R
Mark R
17 years ago

Very cool online site. Informative and interesting to see what some of these elements actually look like.

Laura K. "skew"
Laura K. "skew"
17 years ago

It looks like a box of prehistoric chocolates.