usb memory stick deal

Nice deal
USB 2.0 Intelligent Stick (512 MB)
$17.99 at (+$5.56 shipping = $23.55)

A couple years ago, I bought the 128 MB stick it at Home Depot ,of all places, for about $12. It’s in the photo above. It’s super small. 1 11/16″ x 11/16″ x 3/32″. That’s less than 1/8″ thick!

The plastic case (shown on top of my wallet) is slightly thicker than a credit card, though it could be alot thinner given the super-slim nature of the usb stick. The carrier should have three slots instead of two. There’s plenty of wasted space on the carrier. Nonetheless, it’s still a great tool.

I keep it in my wallet all the time. It makes transferring files between work and home very easy. Plus I keep a few files on the usb stick that I like to reference here and there. It’s also cool because I feel like a spy every time I use it. However, I have often been frustrated by the 128MB capacity. I’ve been looking for larger usb sticks. has the 512MB for $18 ($23.55 including shipping). has the 1GB stick for $28.50 with free shipping. I’ve never heard of before, but 30 bucks for a gigger hidden away in my wallet is a great deal.

I can’t decide if i want the 512 from (which i’ve bought from before) or take a leap and go with meritline and their 1 gigger.

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Laura K. "skew"
Laura K. "skew"
17 years ago

Careful. Those Flash drives have a nasty habit of getting corrupt out of the blue. Be sure you have extra copies of your files from it somewhere else.

I have a 128 and a 512 that I got during school. They were pretty handy. But nothing beats an iPod for file portability. I have a 40-gig version that can hold oh-so-much data! And it plays music too.

Matt Maldre
17 years ago

I’d be afraid to get the 1gb drive, just because it would be tempting to put more files on there, and a drive that skinny looks to be quite fragile and prone to data loss–especially if you carry the thing around in your wallet all the time.

Think to when you have put a file over 300mb in size on a drive? Do you have a need to put large photoshop files on there? If not, stick to the half gig.