unlikelymoose readers around the world

On Wednesday, I installed the ClustrMaps widget on my blog. Now, everyone can see where in the world all the unlikelymoose blog readers are located. The map is located in the left gray bar. You can also see a large image of the map here.

Clustrmaps only tracks traffic to the page, unlikelymoose.com/blog. I receive hundreds (almost thousands) of hits a day to all my blog posts via links from other sites, but that’s not tracked by Clustrmaps. So the Clustrmaps results only show people who have gone directly to unlikelymoose.com/blog.

Thanks to the countries of Brazil, Portugal, Great Britain, Poland, Hungary, and the United States of America for visiting my blog home page on the first day I had Clustrmaps installed!

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The Great Nation of Poland
The Great Nation of Poland
17 years ago

You’re very welcome! Keep up the good work!