ugly and uglier stamps

How did a stodgy old dumpy lamp and the world’s ugliest necklace become subjects for the ONLY one and two cent stamps available for purchase from the United States Post Office?

One and two cent stamps are so important because the Post Office is constantly raising prices and everyone is forced to use these incredibly ugly stamps with their old stamps to compensate for the new cost to mail via First Class.

No 42 cent stamp in existence looks good with a lamp or necklace stamp next to it. Not a single one. What was the Post Office thinking? One and two cent stamps should be the most simple stamps possible. They appear on envelopes only because they have to. They serve as an accent to the featured stamp. So the Post Office decides to do the exact opposite with these two hideous stamps.

Tiffany 1 cent stamp
There’s only one place where Tiffany lamps make sense. That’s a richly decorated library with sumptuous dark hardwood. Any where else and these lamps look overdone, especially on a one-cent stamp.

Navajo Necklace 2 cent stamp
This is just the ugliest stamp ever produced. The shapes in the necklaces are grotesque. The odd forms are obnoxiously exaggerated by the tight cropping and strong contrast between the necklace and black background. And the color palette is just plain tacky and dated. Ugliest stamp ever.

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Matt Maldre
13 years ago

+Navajo Necklace stands up and kicks your butt+


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