U.S. flag Pantone colors

Want to know the official Pantone colors of the United States flag? It’s Pantone 186 and Pantone 288.

According to United States Embassy Stockholm:
The U.S. Government Printing Office specifies Pantone 186 and 288 for the red and blue colors of the United States flag, but Pantone specifies Pantone 193 and 281. Other sources specify Pantone 282 for blue.

I side with the U.S. Government Printing Office. I’d think they’d have the final word. Pantone is a bit cocky to think otherwise. Typical of Pantone.

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Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

Yeah, their cockiness drives me crazy most of the time. I understand that it is a real boon to the design world to have standards for colors, but does the company that holds those standards have to be so high faluten about their position with every thought word and deed? Sheesh

Mark R
Mark R
14 years ago

This may be a stupid question (I’m not a designer or artist), but why isn’t there a number for the White in the flag?

There are so many different shades of white, I don’t understand why there wouldn’t be different numbers for each of them.

Mark R
Mark R
14 years ago

Ok, now I don’t feel stupid anymore. This blog post was the first time I have ever heard the word/name Pantone. I didn’t realize there were universal standards for colors.

Matt Maldre
14 years ago

Oh yeah, Pantone thinks they literally own color. In fact, the Pantone for their poo is Pantone 182. For those without a ridiculously expensive Pantone chipbook, Pantone 182 is a nice pink rose color.

I would say the white in the flag is simply white. There is no shade to the white in the American flag, because these colors don’t run!

Tom Saaristo
14 years ago

Wow, Spudart, after that I feel like saluting! And you’re right [as per your usual] white is the abscence of color and surely the white on the American flag. I wonder what Pantone has to say about that and if they can keep their big traps shut about it.

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