Topple bookshelf by Julian Appelius

I’m a sucker for fun bookshelf design. This blog has seen its fair share of bookshelves through the years. I’ll add one more to the stack. The Topple Bookshelf. At first I dismissed it as silly. You put too many books on the shelf and they all fall out. Oh no. It’s quite the opposite. Books like to lean. Lean too much and they fall over. The topple shelf can tilt to a nice and comfortable 5 degree angle to give your books a nice resting point.

I suppose if one fills the shelf completely with books then it won’t lean at all and you’ll have a non-toppling Topple bookshelf on your hands. I suppose its intent is to have one half filled with books and the other half with lighter knick-knacks and what-not. But those knick-knacks would have to be able to withstand th 5 degree lean. hmmmmm….

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Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I want to see those moves, spudart! LOL!

16 years ago

Topple Bookshelf.. nice.
Remember Popples? I want a Popple Bookshelf.