there IS art and design in Orland Park

I first came across the work of Chuck Anderson at two or three years ago. His work inspired a new trend (which I call ethereal neo-disco) in the design industry. That’s a pretty powerful thing that few designers can claim.

Then I was shocked to see that Chuck lived in Orland Park at the time (or maybe it was Tinley Park). I’m rather familiar with the Orland-Tinley area and it’s safe to say that the southwest suburbs of Chicago is not a hotbed of cutting edge design.

You can buy his work at 18×24″ poster prints can be purchased for between $35 and $65. The image above goes for $45. What I find interesting is the 28 page book for only $10. I’m getting me one of those. There’s also the 68 page book for $25. Chuck also donates proceeds from these book sales to South Suburban Humane Society and Invisible Children.

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Matt Maldre
15 years ago

THIS came from Orland Park? Whoa.