the new Boston Institute of Contemporary Arts building

Have you seen the new building for the Boston Institute of Contemporary Arts? Its cantilever running parallel over a boardwalk and perpendicularly parallel to Boston Harbor is an engineering marvel. Mark Favermann of puts it best, “the structure is thoughtfully monumental, sensitively symbolic and even handsomely heroic”.

And check out their media center. It’s that pod-like room you see sticking out from the bottom of the cantilever. The view is 100% Boston Harbor water. slick. The article also has some nice photos of the building.

It makes me incredibly jealous when I see kick-a55 art museums being built. It only demonstrates how the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago is a complete let-down. Though I still believe that because the MCA Chicago building is so sterile and boring that it is an empty canvas just begging for an artist to transform its exterior.

architects: Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio

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Mark R
Mark R
17 years ago

Boston has always at the top of the list of U.S. cities I would like to live in someday. The city has a lot ot offer…

Good culture, good history, good sports, funny accent, good food, etc…

Tom Saaristo
17 years ago


Graham Lawrence
17 years ago

Wow! Cool building. reminds me we have a few here in Geneva too. I must get around to posting them soon!


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