the ipod shuffle killer: MobiBLU

Welcome the MobiBLU DAH-1500i Cube Mp3Player. That’s a mouthful. It’s funny I say that cuz this mp3 player is so small that you might be able to swallow it. It’s a little bit bigger than a die (singular for dice).

I saw this thing on Attack of the Show. It’s pretty slick. This is what you get for $129:
1 GB memory
accepts MP3 and WMA
voice recorder
FM Radio
folders available for albums
navigate files during play mode
usb 2.0 transfer interface
10 hour battery
carrying case
6 colors available: silver, blue, red, pink, orange and black
size: 2.4cm x 2.4cm x 2.4cm
carrying case

I would totally buy this thing if it played AM Radio. I like to listen to Sports radio during lunch. I would buy it in a hearbeat! But the fact that it can record FM radio is incredible. Screw you, ipod shuffle! Heck, the iPod can’t even record FM Radio. It can’t even PLAY FM radio. MobiBLU rules!

Here’s where you can buy the MobiBLU Cube: Walmart (of all places!)

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

The only thing worse than AM Radio is FM Radio … I simply cannot suffer all those commercials! I can play what I want music-wise on my iPod mini … and as far as other programming, it’s called a Podcast … And what kind of name is MobiBLU Cube? I’ll bet if you ask three people how to pronounce that you would get three different answers. Nope, I’m not sold on this. But I bet I could shoot craps with it