the face of Chicago design?

I’ve professed my love for Google Images countless times on this blog. I was curious what images would show up for “Chicago design”. There was one image that clearly stood out on the results page.

It is an image of Henry P Glass. (The image above isn’t the actual image, but I like the photo of Glass above better.) I never heard of the man, but now I’m glad I do now. Thisarticle at IDSA’s website chronicles Glass’ life as a designer. Here’s my unfairly quick rundown taken from the article:

owner of 52 patents

designed inflatable furniture in the 1930s

designed furniture for Herman Miller in 1940s

designed innovative production methods for plywood and Masonite furniture (Mr. and Mrs. Eames can thank him) in the 1940s (metal conservation times of WWII mind you)

designed and built his own solar home in 1947

His v-shaped chair leg designs became a major design trend in the 1950s

designed a collapsible accordian-folding camper in 1960

taught industrial design at The School of the Art Institue of Chicago

studied at the Armour Institute of Technology under Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

wrote “The Shape of Manmade Things” which outlines his philosophy of ecologically responsible and innovative design

Here’s IDSA’s interview with Google Image’s definition of “Chicago design”, Mr. Henry P. Glass.