That’s so Russian

cartophilia mentions the conflict between Russia and Canada over claims to the North Pole. Accompanying the post is a great map illustrating the conflicted region.

Back in 1997, Russia sent a mini-submarine 14,000 ft to the Arctic Ocean seabed to plant a rust-proof titanium metal flag at the North Pole.

I love Canada’s response: “This isn’t the 15th century. You can’t go around the world and just plant flags” to claim territory, Canada’s minister of foreign affairs, Peter MacKay, told reporters.

I wonder what Santa Claus thinks of all this.

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

Santa is a reasonable person and he would never plant a flag, not even in own yard. As far as those other flags, he makes sure that Hermie has something to do in the off-season; he’s the official flag remover

Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

But there’s no offseason for dentists, which is what Hermie became. Maybe Santa can have Yukon Cornelius be the official flag remover. It would give him a chance to look for silver and gold while he’s out taking down the flags.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

Wait. I thought when i put my personal flag somewhere that claims it as my property. No wonder people keep on using Grant Park. The flag rule is no longer in effect. Crap.