wood paneling on cars

That photo is the inside of the new Toyota Venza, pretty nice eh? But what’s up with the wood paneling? Why is fake wood inside a car considered a luxury? I don’t get it.

plywood art strips invade iwu

On Sunday, a couple dozen plywood art strips (some shown in photo above) invaded the Ames School of Art at Illinois Wesleyan University and other locations on the IWU campus. One side of the plywood featured one of three different kinds of imagery. 1: historical, cultural patterns found throughout the world. 2: Gothic English Churches. …

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wooden computer

I love wooden electronics. I’ve blogged about the flash drive in a stick, the clunky wooden digital camera, and the slick, yet uber-expensive wooden mp3 player. Now enter the wooden computer from Suissa Computers. I dig the organic feel of the computer The cd tower is a nice touch. Though the overall design does feel …

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wooden mp3 player

I’m not crazy about 1GB $4000 mp3 players, but I’m digging this rich photo of Russia’s Gresso Ltd. Symphonia. The idea of using wood with modern electronics still interests me despite such design failure’s as Olympus’ wooden camera.

wooden camera

Olympus is developing a camera with a wooden shell. It is cypress wood compressed 2.5x its gravity weight (approximately 0.40.5 to more than 1) which makes it stronger than the ABS and polycarbonate resin-based plastics used on most camera cases! I was never a fan of Olympus cameras. Their designs are clunky, bloated, cartoon-like, and …

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wooden usb memory flash drives

get a USB flash drive that looks like a stick. by ooms in association with Karin van Lieshout available in 128 MB (73 euros)256 MB (95 euros), 512 MB (126 euros), and 1 GB (190 euros). pdf brochure here buy them here

you can buy wood on ebay

I was surfing through ebay and I discovered that you can buy wood on ebay. I’ve just started making some paintings on plywood of a bunch of figures from the civil war era (I have about 27 sketched and drawn in Adobe Illustrator). I may reconsider using plain jane plywood. A lot of this wood …

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