the BEST Transformers video ever

Oh oh oh! I am so incredibly geeked out by this video. It’s incredible. The sound effects, the felt Prime, the voice, the quote, the environment, everything is so incredibly awesome. I love it, love it, love it. mad props to Matt Maldre for sharing this video with me via Facebook

2008 oscar predictions

My picks have the x next to them. I think I saw only two movies in the theater last year (Transformers and Blades of Glory). I’m going with Transformers sweeping its categories for a total of three. And Blades of Glory, uh well, err, um, yea. Best Picture‘Atonement’‘Michael Clayton’‘No Country for Old Men’x ‘There Will …

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best blog posts of 2007

best buildingBoston Institute of Contemporary Arts buildingI’m still extremely jealous that Chicago doesn’t have a Contemporary Art building like this. best art exhibitionTunnel HouseArtists Dan Havel and Dean Ruck completely redefined the environment of this neighborhood house. Great art gets us to think about the world in different and interesting ways. This does just that. …

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unlikelymoose on flickr

What do these three images have in common? They all can be found on my flickr account. I’ve had a flickr account for quite some time and held back on posting photos. I always had in my head the idea that my flickr photos need to follow a certain theme or consistency. As a result, …

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crazy Transformers illustrations

tons and tons of weird little Transformers. My brother says they look like sockmonkeys and they do. I think they look like they need a potty break. However, I was strolling through the rest of this dude’s site and i guess they’re called Micro-Heroes. There’s literally hundreds, maybe thousands of this illustrations. All the characters …

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