2011 Christmas card

2011 Christmas card

The title of this hand-drawn open edition card is “Above the Christmas Tree”. Initially this card was intended to represent the view of a Christmas tree from above. The center point is a treetopper star and the circle forms are the tree. My four-year old daughter simply said it was a star. Now there’s some …

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reviewing super hero movies

I love talking super hero movies. A friend was recently gushing over The Dark Knight and the discussion spilled over into other super hero movies. Here’s my two comments: post oneI had problems with The Dark Knight. Don’t get me wrong, it was a very good movie, but I felt they were trying excessively hard …

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fake Optimus Prime

A few years ago I was able to score this fake Optimus Prime toy at the Dollar Tree. It was made in China and goes by the “brand” name Transformatrix. Where else can you get an Optimus Prime toy, fake or real, for only a buck? Only at Dollar Tree. More photos of this toy …

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Moloch Horridus

Let’s continue the desert theme. Meet the Moloch Horridus. I’m not giving his common name because I don’t want to receive weird spam messages from spambots. It lives in the Outback of Australia. My first reaction was that he looked just like a Decepticon from Transformers. It turns out that the Moloch Horridus is one …

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