Star Wars

darth vader alarm clock

Oh my. This is officially on my Christmas wish list. Too bad Amazon is currently only selling it through 3rd party associates for double or more retail price. It’s $30 at Toys R Us.

lightsabers on the wii rule

I bought Star Wars the Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels/Jedi Alliance for Nintendo wii. If there’s ever a video game that I’m sucker for, it’s one that has open battles with lightsabers. Game on. Sign me up. I’m not a picky gamer. Heck, I’m not really even a gamer. (Though I’ll school anyone on Super Mario …

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Star Wars library invasion

View the full photo. I like how several of the Star Wars character have their weapons drawn (Storm Trooper, Snow Trooper, Boba Fett, and the black pilot dude). They seem to sense the force within that room. Perhaps the black and yellow tape on the floor is the only thing from stopping one of those …

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yoda tree topper

The Yoda Christmas tree topper is ready for pre-order ($40. ouch). I have no interest in buying one. I just want to see what this thing looks like on top of a Christmas tree. No where on the internet can I find such a photo. And I don’t want to invest the time to photoshop …

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Chewbacca Topps card

Ok, one more Chewbacca post. You can buy the 1977 Topps Star Wars 4-Color Film Positive #298 on ebay. There’s four days left in the auction and it’s up to $21.71 (ouch). When I saw this item, I was reminded of something that I completely forgot about when I was making all the previous Chewbacca …

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chewbacca hat

ok, this is the last one. Own your very own Chewbacca hat for only $40! The description says it was a McDonald’s toy offer in Mexico.

chewbacca santa hat

It’s the original Chewbacca action figure. I have mine somewhere. But I don’t think he’s wearing a snazzy santa hat. via amyhartbreaker on Flickr