new post on livejournal #3

I posted my artist statement for my Jackson Pollock series on my livejournal blog. Paintings will be for sale shortly.

blogs are like artists

Recently the unlikely moose blog has received some criticism from one commenter whose alias references a certain starchy food product. This starchy food product person questioned the nature of the recent “chisel(s)” blog entries. I was quick to respond that a good blog often is like a quality museum that showcases a wide variety of …

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jelly donut paintings

Good Monday. Jelly donuts never looked so luscious thanks to Emily Evelenth represented by Danese Gallery More of Evenlenth’s paintins over at

Abstract Paintings for sale!

7 NEW ABSTRACT PAINTINGS FOR SALE! ARTIST STATEMENT: The Picture in Picture series is a study in the relationship between organic and geometric representations and the idiosyncrasies within these elements. The soothing, yet ebullient surface of the paintings create the groundwork for the ethereal atmosphere consuming the entire surface. Yet the earthy use of browns, …

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yea just like that

A simple law governs the formal events in the paintings of Markus Linnenbrink: bands form on a plane logically and with natural ease. The basic given is formulated and proven by means of continual changes in materials and perspectives, supplemented by an availability of potential procedures. i love art talk.

cool creepy scarey art

I have never liked shock value Art. I don’t like watching horror movies. Heck, I don’t even enjoy watching dramas on television. Yet, Jeremy Forson’s artwork is very intriguing. Forson’s art is creepy; I’ll start with that. There’s a high level of quality in his work, but that can’t be the sole reason for my …

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great gestural textured art

Newly launched as of January 4, 2006, the Trozo Gallery offers a glimpse at some great gestural and textured Art. I would really like to know what medium Eduardo Valdivieso uses in his Art. He simply calls it “mixed media”. I’m guessing india ink and an airbrush. The subject matter of his work is usually …

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robot art on ebay

Travis Smith likes to make paintings of robots and sell them on ebay. His ebay id is travgator. As of today, he only has two paintings available. Just another ebay artist to keep an eye on. His website is More cool robot paintings there.

you can buy wood on ebay

I was surfing through ebay and I discovered that you can buy wood on ebay. I’ve just started making some paintings on plywood of a bunch of figures from the civil war era (I have about 27 sketched and drawn in Adobe Illustrator). I may reconsider using plain jane plywood. A lot of this wood …

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