my Borders score: 1 of 4

Feature 1 of the books I scored at the Borders liquidation sale. These books were 40% off retail. Here’s a little (5″ x 6.5″ x 1.2″) art history book (10,000 Years of Art) that I’ve been eyeing for about a year. I’ve always gravitated towards its simplistic cover design. And sometimes it’s just nice to …

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nice name

When saving the image for the previous post, I was satisfied with the file name. Maybe that will be used in a painting some day. It is: 1inchx1inch300dpi.gif. It has a poetic feel to it.


One morning my car was parked just outside the dining room window. I needed to place a painting in my car. I really wanted to just teleport the package from the dining room into my car.

balls of light photographer

PetaPixel has a post about light painter photographer, Denis Smith, who spins around a light in his long exposures to capture spheres of light in photographic scenes. They’re incredibly intriguing. I think it also helps his cause that he visits the wide gamut of environments that Australia offers. Ball Of Light from Sam Collins on …

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yea, like that

It is my desire to paint in a style similar to Paul Ferney’s technique demonstrated in his cake series. Ferney’s blog here.

Paul Klee Biblical art

Recently I was reading “Paul Klee: The Later Work”. It provides sharp, pointed critiques of a large collection of Paul Klee paintings. Many other artist books delve into the broad scope and impact of an artist’s career without providing specific examples resulting in a disconnection with the reader and lacking to build a true understanding …

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Scheewe Art Workshop

I’m watching Scheewe Art Workshop on PBS’ Create channel. This Scheewe lady is wearing her Sunday best while painting with very wet acrylic paint. How is she not getting paint on her fancy pant suit?