2009 Christmas Card

Hopefully everyone whom (or who?) I sent a Christmas card this year has already received it. If you didn’t get a card, then send me your postal address some time and I’ll put you on the list for 2010. The final card (front and back) can be seen at my Flickr page (it’s grouped with …

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complete set of Lego mini-figs

You can view every single mini-fig released by LEGO over at And they put them all on one page so you don’t have to fumble around with clicking on this or that to view different sets. Hundreds of mini-figs are just waiting for you to visit. Stop by and say hello.

Yankee Stadium in LEGO

The last time the Yankees were not in the playoffs I was just starting college. That was 15 years ago. Maybe this giant Yankee stadium LEGO sculpture should feature Derek Jeter making another terrible play at short.

original LEGO cloud sculptures

The LEGO cloud sculptures have now arrived at etsy for $20 plus $8 shipping. (my etsy storefront) Artist Statement: LEGO pieces and clouds are opposites by their form. LEGO pieces are plastic, rigid, geometrically modular standardized units mass produced by man. Clouds are biomorphic, fluid, randomly shaped forms of water and ice produced by nature. …

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Lego pieces are made in Denmark?

Between now and 2009, LEGO will move production of its products from Billund, Denmark to Mexico and the Czech Republic. I knew LEGO’s designers were in Denmark, but I was surprised to see that LEGO was still being made there. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love LEGO. It’s great fun and all that good …

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custom lego sculptures

I was searching ebay for lego sculptures. I’m shocked that I can only find one ebay store that sells custom lego sculptures. BrickCreations currently has 12 lego sculptures for sale. Some are very nice. My favorite is the tiki cup thing. Though I’m more interested in abstract lego sculpture. Whenever someone builds something out of …

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lego brick colors

I’m gonna ask for Lego bricks for Christmas. I want to get 2×4 bricks in one color availabe at or in any Lego store (there’s one downtown and one in Schaumburg). The Lego stores have plastic cups that you can fill. I was there yesterday and I was able to get 100 2×4 bricks …

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