stop sign font

Do a Google Image search for “stop sign” and you’ll be blambasted with countless signs displaying a wide array of fonts used for the word, “STOP”. The FHWA MUTCD has the final say. What’s the FHWA MUTCD? It’s the United States of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Now, doesn’t that …

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New Order Substance 1987 font played me a song from New Order’s Substance album. The album cover’s design struck me. So beautifully simple. It’s only black and white, no gray, certainly no colour, with one font delicately centered vertically and strongly centered on the horizontal plane. The single graphical element of a line ties everything together while providing a …

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best economic font for a lot of text

Yesterday’s blog post mentioned how Futura is a terrible font for fantasy football magazines or any publication where there’s a great deal of information to fit into a limited space. If you’re looking for an economic font that allows for maximum utility, functionality and readability, then go with a slightly condensed serif with a semi-tall …

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dollar bill font

Looking for a font similar to what’s used on the United States of America Treasury Federal Reserve System’s Federal Reserve Note used as legal tender for all debts, public and private otherwise known as the mighty dollar? Chevalier is a good choice.

best scoreboard font

I was recently asked to put a custom message on a score board (or scoreboard depending on your spelling pref). The best solution I came across was the font, Times Square available for free download here. It was designed by Charles Minow in 1996. It’s a TrueType font, so it will work on both Macs …

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Mr and Mrs Eaves

Would you believe that there is an actual Mr Eaves? Yea, there is. So when Mr Eaves and Mrs Eaves have kids will they look humanist? Oh man, that’s font humor at its best. That’s so funny. Side note: Mr Eaves Sans Heavy Italic is AWESOME.

best font ever

I’m not sure if Kevin Royden designed this font or if he just posted it on his tumblr from elsewhere on the internet, but I am in the camp that believes this is the BEST FONT EVER.

Futura Book “j” stinks

I have a client whose corporate font is Futura. Futura annoys me. Just look at the letter “j” in Futura Book. It looks like a confused “i” or an upside down exclamation point. Paul Renner designed Futura in 1928. Sorry, Paul, you were a great German (apposed Nazism from the get-go and a prominent member …

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