best-looking baseball card

1966 Topps Billy Williams #580 is one of the best-looking baseball cards I have ever seen. It features a quintessential baseball waist-up after-swing pose. The 27-year old Billy Williams is wearing the elegantly classic Cubs Away uniform grays of the 1960s. The simple and iconic vintage Cubs emblem is fully featured on the sleeve. The …

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1980s calculator watch

Around 1986, I owned this very exact same calculator watch. I thought I was the coolest 6th or 7th grader around. It’s crazy to see so many of them for sale on ebay. It’s almost crazier to see them selling for $18. I want one. I’ll pay 6 bucks for one.

free ebay listings

Through September 7, Ebay is offering FREE Insertion Fees for up to 100 Auction-style listings. That’s a very good deal. I have expressed great disgust with ebay in the past (examples here and here and here). However, getting to post just about anything you want for free is really nice. The graphic above came in …

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beautiful stamp

I just purchased 110 two-cent Washington cancel-marked stamps (1894-1898) for $4.04 (shipping included) on ebay. It’s a wonderfully classic stamp. A stamp that surely today’s 2-cent stamp could learn from. I’m not sure what I’ll do with all them. They’ll find their way into a piece of art somehow. The obvious approach is to use …

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ebay stinks

Recently, ebay made a new price structure announcement. Imagine being an ebay store owner and it’s your job, your livelihood. It’s how you pay the bills and everything else. Now imagine opening up an email from ebay saying that if you want your insertion fees to stay about the same for all your store items, …

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ebay photos as art

There’s plenty of sites out there that feature funny ebay photos. Most often an unusual background overpowers the product being sold. Think crazy cat about to attack a Beanie Baby. I just stumbled across a new (or new to me) genre. It’s unintentionally aesthetically pleasing photos. I love the photo above by ebay seller acace. …

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Nikon FE shutter assembly

Every once in a while I like to see what sort of accessories are available on ebay for my Nikon FE film camera. atcace is currently selling an FE shutter assembly. What’s really cool is the size of the light meter display. It’s in the lower right corner of the photo. When looking through the …

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