tallin tin

Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin Tallinn tin. That was fun. This Tallinn tin is awesome. The thin, jagged lines of the text match incredibly well with the thin, sharp scratches on the tin. And the dark blue color …

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crucifix or kitty cat stamp

Recently I purchased a crucifix for $5.69 (shipping included) on ebay. I might be receiving a kitty cat stamp instead. Curious thing. The seller sent me a message saying “the stamp” has been shipped and the following warm message, “May you enjoy the use of the stamp.” Here’s my reply:“I’m in no hurry to receive …

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making art out of ebay photographs

On ebay there is regularly someone selling a box of game-used Major League baseballs. The photo accompanying this listing offers great visual interest. In fact, it would serve as a good example to any Foundational Art course. Repetition. That’s easily noted. You wanna be an artist? A reliable foundational technique is repetition. The inherent order …

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missed auction

Bummer. I missed out on an ebay auction for a beautifully composed baseball card. It’s the 1950 Bowman Stan Lopata #206. It sold for only $2.57 plus $1.75 shipping. Under five bucks! It may even challenge this other 1950 Bowman card that I bought and blogged about in terms of its visual appeal. Blast it!

hockey cards are boring

There’s not much variation in the action shots found on most hockey cards. This observation came about doing some ebay searching. It’s kinda interesting to think about the limited range of movement hockey players demonstrate on the ice and how it translates into photography. The end result is usually a pretty boring hockey card.

honest ebay seller

You never know what you’re going to find on ebay. I appreciated the seller’s honesty on this listing: “I get most of these items from estate sales. Please assume that cats and dogs have smoked 10,000 cigarettes and have eaten gluten-coated peanuts and snorted ragweed pollen in a house heated by a wood-burning stove while …

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visual poetry

I have no idea what is written on this postcard and I don’t really care. It’s visual poetry. There’s the undeniable contrast between the strongly defined black strokes and the soft, misty photograph with subtle shades of brown. Commonality is shared between the elegant forms of the handwriting and the stately appearance of the architecture …

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1977 Topps Charley Young

A great color palette is found on the 1977 Topps FB Match Print Photo of Charley Young of the Rams. It features vibrant blue, dirty-yet-bright yellow, sepia browns, and black. His posture is classic, too at its slight angle. Unfortunately this unique color palette is found only in the match print. The final printed card …

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the latest art

My brother mentioned that I should post more art to my blog. The last couple weeks or so during lunch breaks and limited evening hours I have been getting back to some roots and drawing simple portraits. There’s a few dozen so far. Most are on Post-It Notes. Some are ACEO (2.5″ x 3.5″ card …

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