squirrel art

This site has 5 pages of 150 user-submitted drawings of squirrels. Yes, that’s 750 squirrel drawings in all. You can even submit your own drawing. I submitted a drawing. (not the squirrel holding the bomb as you see above.) It’s not on the website yet. It’s a squirrel eating a slice of pie.

Estonia art

Alot of Estonian art sites I encountered are in Estonian. surprise. surprise. There are some that have English translations. Here’s a few links: ———————————–balticsww.com: This seems to be the big master list of Estonian galleries and museums. It really surprises me how many museums and galleries do not have websites. oh well. All the sites …

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draw on the internet

I’m sure there’s dozens of websites out there that let you draw things right there on the webpage. Here’s one of them: imaginationcubed.com. The graphics are real clean and slick. The default tool is a marker with green ink. You can change the thickness and color. They also give you different tools to draw whatever …

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art on ebay

In the art section of ebay they have a “Top Ten List”:1. Modern Drawings 2. Modern American Paintings 3. Botanical Prints 4. Antique Drawings 5. Natural History Prints 6. Folk Art 7. Self-Representing Artists 8. Modern Limited Edition Prints 9. Antique European Paintings 10. Modern Sculpture, Carvings Botantical Prints is number 3? Really? Actually botantical …

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iambatman.com is available. i was thinking of registering for it. But really what would I do with it? It kinda falls into what i call the “Garfield” category. In grade school, kids I rode the bus with always asked me to draw Garfield. I hated drawing Garfield. It’s someone else’s character. Why do I want …

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