Mr. Pace and his bus

This post is intended only to draw attention to the sore lack of public transit available in the suburbs of Chicago. I fully support the expansion and further development of public transit. This post is not intended to offend the patrons of suburban public transit. So, every couple weeks or so I see a giant …

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Lowes store locator

Take a guess at how many Lowe’s stores there are in the near west suburbs of Chicago. Before you guess, there are 18 Lowes in Chicagoland (20 if you include Gurnee and DeKalb). Answer: zero. Judging from the map below, I’m glad that Lowes is not a violent militia and Elmhurst its target.

Chicago bridges

Chicago is the best city in the world to see bridges. goes into great detail about this proud city’s bridges. However, their logo perplexes me (as seen on their home page and their hats). The water is mysteriously traveling above the bridge. Hats are only 12 bucks (shipping included). Wear this hat and show …

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list of Chicago-based food companies

I was finishing up a bag of Donkey Chips when I noticed on the back of the bag that the company is in Chicago. I’d love for Jewel and Dominicks to have a published list of all the food/drink they sell that is made by Chicago companies. Wikipedia has a small list.

nail box design

I love the simple utilitarian packaging design of certain hardware elements. The one-color Mazel & Co. nail box shown above is a great example. It doesn’t try to speak beyond its means. It’s a box of nails pure and simple. There’s no need for overly splashy graphics. These nails work and the design reflects that. …

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American Gothic and Dum Dum pops

I had a Dum-Dum Pop sitting in my desk. The wrapper mentioned saving 20 wrappers to get a reduced price on “Stuff”. You think the Art Institute of Chicago is aware of this piece of Dum-Dum “stuff”? Probably not.

nice fog photo

My brother posted a nice iPhone photo of Chicago’s Wrigley Building in the fog. My favorite part of the photo is the 20 pixels on the left side of the photo (as shown above).

25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago yesterday I watched an incredible Japanese anime robot movie. At least I remember it being incredible, I was ten years old. It was on right before the Chicago Bear’s victory in Super Bowl XX. I remember wanting to watch the lead-up stuff to the Super Bowl, but I saw this movie on …

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