Sweet Tomatoes suggestions

The very essence of buffet-style restaurants allows for creative development of available food items. Here’s a few tips when visiting Sweet Tomatoes.

1. Pass up the crackers when getting soup. Instead get a handful of the super-mini cones by the ice cream machine. Fill up the cones with your favorite soup (chili for me) and enjoy.

2. Using the standard tiny dishes next to the self-serve ice cream machine is for fools and jokesters. Grab the much larger and more appropriate soup bowl and delight in your desert.

3. I never bothered looking into whether or not they let you go for seconds in the salad bar. Given the design of the space it’s a safe bet that you can only go through once. If you want to get the biggest possible salad, then analyze the bar to find items that can be used to build a perimeter wall around your plate.

Here’s not so much a hint, but just a suggestion. I’m not a fan of Sweet Tomatoes pizza, but when possible, get the bruschetta pizza. It’s incredible.