Superstar… Bryan Berg?

Buy a pack of 2009 Allen & Ginter’s baseball cards and puzzlement may strike you as you flip through the cards. That sure happened to me as I came across a Bryan Berg card. Who’s Bryan Berg? And why does he look so incredibly creepy on the card? It turns out this guy does not play baseball. He’s a champion card stacker. Yea. And he has his very own card in the 2009 Allen & Ginter’s baseball set. It turns out Topps has more of these cultural cards in the set including The Loch Ness Monster and Napoleon Bonaparte.

My immediate reaction was one of disappointment, but as I though about it, I really like that they include these cultural and historical characters. Baseball fits into this lore, so let’s learn a little something special when opening a pack of baseball cards. There’s 12 cards in a pack, so it’s not a problem for one to be off-the-wall (considering most packs are cards now are 6 cards).

The clean, honest, retro design is refreshing and classic. However, the cheap a55 Photoshop filter they used for the images is really, really tacky, tasteless and unoriginal. They couldn’t pay a professional watercolor artist to render these cards? c’mon. Cutting corners on the images is unfortunate.