super bowl XLIII logo

While I was job hunting, I came across, the website for one of the world’s juggernaut branding agencies. They designed the Super Bowl XLIII logo. It’s rather appropriate that I came across this page a day before the Super Bowl. They offer up some insight into the logo. Here’s a snippit:

The Super Bowl XLIII logo expresses a colossal, bigger-than-life event and makes a strong connection to the NFL. The perspective of the lines leading up to the letters creates a dramatic stadium effect. The colors blue and red are important because they represent the two divisions
the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC)
and tie to the NFL brand. The green represents more than a field; it symbolizes the meeting of land and sea in Tampa Bay.

Chief Strategy Officer, Russ Meyer, provides some insight into the logo as well.

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15 years ago

Just once, I’d totally like to see someone in that business tell the truth, such as “Yeah, we made sure the ‘field’ at the bottom of the logo would remind you of Obama’s logo, because that’s totally what everyone’s doing this year.” Which reminds me of the time a CD at a client wanted to photograph my freshly shaved head for something or other. When he explained to me what he was after and started snapping picktures, I said said (out loud), “Where have I seen that before? … oh, (blank) does that. So do (blank) and (blank). He didn’t… Read more »