stuck in snow from making donuts

(photo is not me. I simply found it on the internet and thought it was funny. Do not think that it’s me any one that I know.)

I learned a valuable lesson in life the other day. If you’re going to make donuts in the snow of an unplowed parking lot, then you better make sure how deep the snow is first.

I work in a tall office building with the view of parking lot that doesn’t get plowed after snowfall. My coworkers and I always discuss how we should drive through and put patterns in the snow so we can enjoy the artwork from our office.

The other day I decided I was going to do something about it. I told my coworkers about my plan and they decided to watch the event. I got about 30 feet into the snow-ladden lot and got stuck. I dug out the snow and was able to move about another 10 feet until I got stuck again. And I got really stuck. I was digging and digging. Below the snow was about 1/2 inch of solid ice which I was chipping away at. A women drove by and asked I needed help pushing. I said I was fine. At that point I decided to call the guys at the office and have them push me out. They came down and got me out. It turns out they thought I was doing some custom artistic outline around my car rather than digging myself out. They must think I’m nuts.

I wasn’t upset at all during this whole experience; just enormously embarrassed. The parking lot is next to a hutsy-tutsy restaurant and a bank. So I’m sure there were people watching me dig my car out in the middle of an unplowed lot saying, “what a dumb a55”. I know I would have been saying the same thing if I were in the restaurant.

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Matt Maldre
16 years ago

Hilarious! Here’s your coworkers, “Hmm, he seems to be chipping some sort of custom circle around his auto.”

“Yeah, he must be declaring the space that one’s auto takes up before creating his tracks.”

“That’s brilliant, it’s much like Jasper Johns putting his handprint on the abstract painting to show the context of how the painting is made.”

“That Erik Maldre, he is artistic genius.”