space invaders sweater

I know it’s the beginning of September and it’s still 90 degrees outside (in Chicago at least), so it doesn’t make much sense to have a blog post about a sweater. But I’m doing it anyways cuz this is my Chicago-style hot dog blog. Take a gander at the Space Invaders sweater. What makes this sweater so great (besides the fact that it’s Space Invaders) is the accuracy of the replication of the original game. It’s spot on. Though this sweater must be from a console other than the Atari 2600. The barricade things look too chunky to me. The sweater sold on etsy. I sell art on etsy at You can have an original painting for only 98 cents (plus 58 cents shipping). Can’t beat that.

As a side note; my brother likes to collect images of croquet from ebay. He even owns a couple croquet sweaters. When I say “croquet” I mean the sport where you hit balls through wickets with a mallet. Do not confuse croquet with crochet. They are classic sweaters. I would like to see a blog post about these sweaters, Matt.