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sosa’s hat trick

The Chicago Cubs entered Arlington, Texas to face Sammy Sosa who is sitting on 599 steroid-injected career home runs. I couldn’t be happier to see Sosa get the hat trick as he struck out three times. And they were ugly strikeouts, too. He wasn’t even close.


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  1. Erik Maldre June 25, 2007 at 1:02 pm #

    i still wish that sosa’s bat would have busted open on his 599th homerun and cork would come flying out of the bat. There would have been pure joy in the Maldre household that evening. And yes, no one can really hit a homerun on a swing where they bat splits in half, but a guy can dream.

    I just don’t understand the Cubs fans in Arlington giving Sosa a standing ovation. Some Cubs fans are complete Grade A idiots.

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