some design quotes

nice, little Flash-based website with quotes from designers on posters. Here’s the quotes:

“Design must be for real people and not for abstract market entities.” – Konstantin Grcic
(I don’t think I agree with this 100%.)

“I can make things, I can build things. Put me in front of a lathe and I know what to do.” – Marc Newson
(This is my favorite quote of the bunch.)

“If human nature is to live in the past – to change the world is to change human nature.” – Karim Rashid
(They could have done a better job of avoiding the widow on the poster.)

“I am on a quest to communicate through my objects and work in general.” – alessandro mendini
(snoooooze. This is the guy who declares to the world, “I am drinking orange juice” when he is drinking orange juice.)

“Objects as actors, I prefer their ‘gags’ more than their appearance.” – Denis Santachiara
(gags? Gags meaning the jokes they play? If that’s what he means, then it’s interesting that he says that he prefers to find an object’s unusual, unexpected quality rather than simply working with the obvious superficial appearance of the object.)

“Everything that is manufactured has been designed by somebody.” – James Irvine
(true dat)

“If it makes you happy, buy it.” – Michael Young
(I didn’t know the shortstop for the Texas Rangers was a design buff. Those millionaire ball players. They can buy whatever they want.)

“A search for the essential, the core of the object.” – Tom Dixon
(yea, and…?)

“I am here to create an environment of love, live with passion and make my most exciting dreams come true.” – Marcel Wanders
(this guy sounds like a drunk Peter Pan)

“I guess design is a kind of psychoanalysis of the material world.” – Stefano Pirovano (This is the guy in your art class that thinks every piece is phallic. Too obvious.)

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Tom Saaristo
18 years ago

I was going to ask … Myabe I can Google one of the quotes and find it

Laura K.
18 years ago

[laughing at your comments about the quotes]