solid blue Cubs home uniforms looks dumb

Yesterday’s post I talked about how red hats with the Cubs’ home uniforms looks dumb. I’ll continue that thought and say that the solid blue tops worn frequently as the Cubs’ home uniforms is really bothersome. Officially they are called “alternate jerseys“.

1. As mentioned yesterday, the Cubs home uniforms are classic. There’s a few storied franchises in baseball that should never mess with their home unis and the Cubs are one of them. The blue pinstripes with the circle blue and red “Cubs” within is timeless. Why mess with perfection? Anything else will automatically be lacking.

2. It just looks stupid. These guys are wearing pinstriped pants and a solid blue shirt. Surely I’m not the only one that thinks this pairing is misplaced. Look at it this way. You’re starting a new MLB franchise or you’re completely rebranding an existing MLB franchise with no worthy history. Are you going to design the home uniforms so that the top is a solid, vibrant color and the pants are pinstripes? The answer certainly is “no” because it just looks stupid. The two elements clash with other visually. They also clash historically. Pinstriped uniforms lend a sense of history. Solid, richly colored tops are more modern. Why mix the two? It’s just plain awkward.

Somehow it became a rule a few years ago that the starting pitcher decides what uniforms to wear. It was cute… for about a month. Then we all found out that Zambrano LOVES the solid blue tops. Ugh. And what if we get 3 starters that prefer the alternate? The alternate would become the standard. I’m throwing up on my keyboard now. And what if all 5 starters prefer the alternate? We wouldn’t see the pinstripe tops any more. I’m really getting sick now.

Cubs management really needs to put their foot down and get rid of these stupid alternate home jerseys. There is absolutely no need to have them when you have a classic, timeless, loved home jersey. Oh wait, they want to sell these alternate jerseys to fans. I guess we’re stuck with them. Personally, I think it tarnishes the great Cubs brand. It hurts the Cubs in the long run.

And don’t get me started on how the blue in the alternate jerseys is slightly different than the blue in the Cubs hats.