slam on sammy sosa

i was looking up baseball terms on and came across this definition on “clutch” and they managed to sneak in a slam on Sammy Sosa. Way to go!:


Good performance under pressure or when the chips are down/when good performance really matters (such a period is referred to as being “in the clutch.”) May refer to a player (a good “clutch hitter”) or to a team as a whole. For example, a player who hits many home runs but strikes out in crucial win-or-lose moments “can’t hit in the clutch.” (See Sammy Sosa.) The existence of “clutch” hitting is a controversial and divisive topic among baseball fans. Obviously, clutch hitting in and of itself exists. The debate arises because no one has been able to devise a baseball statistic that incontrovertibly demonstrates its existence for specific players.

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Matt Maldre
18 years ago

how can there be no stats to see if a hitter is clutch or not. What about RISP: hitting with Runners in Scoring Position?