sidebar clean up

For years, my brother has begged me to clean up the left sidebar of this blog. Well, he now has Joe Biden to thank. In the past week, Senator Biden pulled out of the presidential campaign resulting in
the need for me to pull the ad on my blog. Gone with Senator Biden is:

mybloglog widget (That site turned into a tool for people to promote their own site rather than its original intent of being a community of blog readers) widget (Amateurish, I guess. Tracked how many visitors were on my blog at any given moment)

blog inspiration links (Too random and incomplete of a list)

“coolest digital camera ever” link (It’s still the Canon Powershot TX1. love that camera.)

Mohawk Monkey Myspace ad. (Yes, it’s a sad day. But I have sold ZERO Mohawk Monkey pieces.)

Chicago 2016 Olympic bid link (Removed to further streamline the sidebar. It might come back, though.)

membership links (No one ever really used this)

geo url and xml links (No one ever really used this)

amazon link to my dad’s book (Removed to further streamline the sidebar. I doubt any books were sold as a result of this link.)

Elmhurst, Las Vegas and San Diego weather reports (I enjoyed checking this here and there, but Matt consistently told me it was unprofessional)

clustrmaps (another amateur widget)

the giant granola bar