screen tinter for Mac OS X

Looking to tint the screen on your Mac, but find that the lowest brightness setting is still too bright? May I suggest Screen Shades. It’s freeware. More information is available at

It’s really a simple application. You can choose from 4 default colors (gray, blue, yellow, and pink) or you can create your own color from the color wheel/sliders.

I have a hard time reading black text on white backgrounds though it’s much easier for me to read black on white on a computer screen compared to books. This tinting app makes it so much easier to read long stories and articles. It’s also very useful if you’re trying to conserve battery power on your laptop.

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15 years ago

Posted at the request of moose himself!—- A screen tinter won’t actually save energy and lengthen your battery life on a laptop. On an old school CRT monitor, you could see an energy savings, because less light would be produced to make gray than white on the screen.On an LCD though, most of the energy is consumed by the backlight, and the backlight shines at a uniform brightness on the entire monitor, regardless of the color. Different colors (black, white, red, green, gray, turquoise, etc) are created by applying a charge to the liquid crystal causing it to twist or… Read more »