same-size blocks for kids

I wanna try to find a place that sells a giant tub/box of wooden blocks that are exactly the same size. We have a box with various shapes and sizes, but it gets frustrating building something with my kids when we’re looking for a specific piece. Having all the pieces the same size solves that problem.

Plus, I think it provides a better basis for constructing creative projects when everything is the same size. It allows kids to focus on what they’re building rather than getting caught up in the shapes themselves. sells exactly what I’m looking for (nice shapes too), but forking over 60 buck-a-roos for these blocks is too much in the “designer” price range for our budget.

I’m so tempted just to build these blocks myself. I want to know the process manufacturers use to make the blocks so incredibly smooth, and of course lead-free.

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Tom Saaristo
13 years ago

You called my answer in your last paragraph: make them yourself

Cut, sand, stain, seal

Matt Maldre
13 years ago

start collecting something you consume a lot of. Some people drink lots of cola. You could collect cola caps. Or how about the office supply store. Or maybe that uline package website.

13 years ago

Jenga blocks. We have a generic Jenga game we never played, so we put it with Theo’s blocks – he loves them.