rubber and cement

Rubber cement. I haven’t used it in years. (My last two jobs used spray mount exclusively). I just used it on my wife’s birthday card.

Rubber cement is fun. And don’t start thinking about the ways you can get high from it. I really don’t care about that. First, the name is very cool. Rubber is fun. Cement is fun. Combine the two and the fun never stops.

Whoever invented the brush attached to the can lid is a genius. Brillant design like this deserves greater attention in our society. It keeps the brush fresh preventing any sort of brush cleanup. You don’t have to dig around for brushes to use cuz it’s built into the can. And it’s fun using the can lid as the handle for the brush. The fun continues as you spread the liquid cement around. Why is it fun? It’s l-i-q-u-i-d c-e-m-e-n-t.

Those on the inside track know the best way to use rubber cement. It’s called dry mounting. Spread a layer of rubber cement on one surface. Spread another layer on the other surface. Wait for both surfaces to dry. That’s fun watching the cement turn from a transparent surface to a translucent surface.

And I have to admit the smell of the cement fumes is fun. For me personally, it takes me back to high school when my brother and I used a ton of rubber cement for our high school history day project. Once both surfaces dry, you can adhere them together.

Then, all the excessive cement that isn’t touching the other surface must be removed. Now you get to create your very own rubber cement boogers. If you use a lot of rubber cement, you can get some really massive rubber cement boogers. Then you can bounce them around the room. The fun never ends.

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Mark R
Mark R
15 years ago

One of the few times I ever used rubber cement was to make a home-made kite for my 7th grade science fair project.

It was fun to make but I was disappointed that I never got around to attempting to fly that thing.

Matt Maldre
15 years ago

I want to see of a rubber cement ball. As of right now, there are none on flickr.