Restoration Hardware bargain

Yea, that’s right. You thought you’d never see this… the words “Restoration Hardware” and “bargain” together. Now, I absolutely love the store. There’s some really beautiful items, but you pay premium bucks for such quality.

Well, here’s something you can buy for an absolute steal at Restoration Hardware. A Carpenter’s Folding Ruler for $4. It retails for $8. Most stores that sell folding rulers (Menards, Home Depot, Lowes) have them for about $20. yea, 20 bucks!

Folding rulers are to retractable measuring tapes what Polaroid cameras are to digital cameras. One is much more reasonable and practical while the other is loaded with charm and beauty.

Now, the Restoration Hardware folding ruler is a bit different than most standard folding rulers. It has inches on one side and centimeters on the other. The standard is to have inches for both sides.

Also, the R.H. ruler is set in an elegant serif font while the standard is a heavy, large sans serif. I think both type treatments are classic in their own ways. I now own both versions of the timeless folding ruler.