removing unwanted people in photographs

Feel free to use this automated scripting process found in Photoshop CS 6. I tested it once and it did a pretty lousy job. But it’s super easy to test.

This process requires you to have multiple photos of the same scene. So in one photo you may have a person walking in the background on the far left. The next photo that person is not in the same location. The intention of this script is to keep only the common elements between the photos. So that person walking in the background on the first photo will be removed.

Go to File > Scripts > Statistics
The “Image Statistics” window pops up.
“Choose Stack Mode” needs to be set to “Minimum”.
Select your multiple photos via the “Browse…” button.
Check the box that says “Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images”
Hit “OK” and the script will start running.

In order below:
– my two source images
– the resulting image of the Image Statistics script
– my manually manipulated image with no use of scripting
The photos were taken at Cinderella’s castle. I’m inside the glass door, the fam is outside.